Annual Client Night - Wrap Up

client night 2015Thursday 26th February saw us host our second annual Client Night at Rowland Financial Advisory.

We were joined by many of our clients as we heard from guest speakers Noel Whittaker, Matt Sherwood and the crew at Flight Centre. The night was a huge success, with our clients walking away with valuable knowledge of all things investing.

Here is a rundown of how the night went and what was covered.

Noel Whittaker:

Noel Whittaker was our first guest speaker of the night. Noel is an international best selling author, finance and investment expert, radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist and public speaker, and we were lucky enough to have him join us once again to discuss the 10 mistakes retirees make:

  1. Complacent about the coming crisis – There is lots of change in the world; make sure you know what’s coming!
  2. Not understanding compound interest – It’s important to know how to make the most of your investment returns.
  3. Not diversifying – Property is not the only investment option – talk with your advisor about other options that may leave you better off.
  4. Bad estate planning – Do you have your will in place? Power of Attorney? Advanced Health Directive? These things can make a difference should anything happen.
  5. Children under insured – Don’t lose your entire super to paying your children’s medical bills because they aren’t properly protected.
  6. Staying in super unnecessarily – Best to talk to your Financial Advisor about this one!
  7. Not communicating with their other half - Make sure your partner knows where everything is and how it all works in case anything happens to you.
  8. Losing your documents – Stay on top of your important documents and avoid the hassle involved with trying to find them again!
  9. Making the move (out of the family home) too late – There could be a better time financially to do this rather than when you’re forced to.
  10. Taking advice from the wrong people – Don’t listen to your mate at the bowls club when it comes to your finances – speak to the experts!

Flight Centre:

After hearing about how best to save our hard earned money, it was only fitting to hear about how best to spend it again… that’s where Jessica from Flight Centre came in. Jessica spoke to us about the many cruise options that are available; after all, cruising is a $35B industry with a 6.5% growth rate – its popularity speaks for itself!

Cruising is a one-stop shop, no mid-trip packing or unpacking and no running around trying to catch planes, trains and taxis. It’s simply an easy and convenient way to get out and see the world on a high class, action packed product.

After Jessica told us about the benefits of cruising and got us all excited for our next cruising adventure, one of our lucky clients won the draw for $100 off their next cruise!

Visit the Flight Centre website or drop in to see Jessica at the Sunshine Plaza store (Kmart end) to find out about the many cruising options available to you.

Matt Sherwood:

Our last speaker of the night was Matt Sherwood, Head of Investment Strategy at Perpetual. As always, Matt delivered an informative and educational presentation around the slowing global economy, with tips on how to create wealth in the changing economical environment.

Matt gave us some statistics around the four asset classes - shares, property, cash and gold - and the outcomes of investing in each. He left us all thinking about the potential investment opportunities and empowered us to make smart investment decisions. He finished with the parting line; “income generation is the secret to wealth accumulation” and reminded us never to underestimate the power of income!

Matt has also written a book on this very topic, which provides all the information investors need to successfully invest.  We’ve been able to secure 10 signed copies of his book, ‘Intelligent Investing’, so if you’d like a copy of your own, or maybe one to hand onto a family member to get them interested, please give us a call.  Alternatively, you can get your own copy by visiting his website.

Drinks and Nibbles:

We finished the night off in style with beer and wine, as well as some delicious finger food from the chefs at the Maroochy RSL. It’s safe to say we all went home with bellies full of delicious food and heads full of valuable investing information!